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Fic for Megan Whalen Turner's Queen's Thief Books

Fic: You Thought I Couldn't Do It

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Fic for Megan Whalen Turner's Queen's Thief Books
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Fic: You Thought I Couldn't Do It

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Title: You Thought I Couldn't Do It
Author: an_english_girl
Word count: 342
Genre: Romance/Humour
Rating: K+
Notes: Cross-posted on FFN/meldahlie as usual
Summary: The court watches. Gen and Irene dance. Has anything changed?

“Dance with me!”

Even when he is old and she is older, he still says it. Still the same reckless glint in his eye; still the same steel in the grip of his one hand as he draws her down the steps of their thrones, whether she will or nay.

And still the same question, for her and for the whole court. Am I King?

You think I can’t do it...

No. She doesn’t think that. Not in the least, and neither does the court, as it falls silent at the first haunting, mocking pipe notes of the Eddisian folk tune. The mockery is his, now. You thought I couldn’t do it?

No. No-one would dare, now, any more than they would dare question the King of Attolia’s choice of dance. It is never anything slower, anything more suited to his age or hers. And why should it be? If losing his hand did not stop him, as long as his gods stand beside him, nothing else is stopping Eugenides, Thief of Eddis and King of Attolia, either. And he will know when his gods have abandoned him. All she can do is be thankful that he has humoured her age-old request.

Spare me, my lord, and my court, from dancing on the roof...

The light in his eye as they meet and spin and spin apart again says that he knows what she is thinking.

Dance with me. That’s all he asks. That’s all he ever has asked. Come, further than you thought and further than you dreamed and far, far further than you would ever have considered safe or wise or – gods forbid! – comfortable. But never too far.

I am the master of foolhardy plans...

Only as far as you must go. Never too far.

You are My Queen...

Just far enough. The music whirls to its final, crashing end.

His kiss still burns, too. The one on her fingers now; the one on her lips later.
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